“SeaStar trimming” raises the standards.

  • February 8, 2022

“SeaStar trimming” raises the standards.

For every new yacht in the fleet, SeaStar encourages the implementation of a set of modifications that fortify and enhance the yacht, which is called “SeaStar trimming”.

“SeaStar trimming” is all about safety, functionality and ease of use. It is a fundamental step in a series of actions, which aim to ensure “Memorable Holidays” for all clients. This set of modifications is obviously different for each yacht model. As an example, there is a list of 43 points of enhancement/modification on a Dufour 390 and its equipment, before it can display the “SeaStar trimming” insignia. To clarify further, we provide the following four points from the long list:

1. The Dufour 390 comes with only one drawer in the galley. Proper arrangement and separation of eating utensils from cooking utensils is impossible. Therefore, a carpenter installs a second one, following the yacht’s styling.

2. Apart from the large starboard and port lockers there is no space in the cockpit to store some of the skipper’s items that must be handy (knife, foghorn, hand compass, etc.). So, a nautical storage box is fitted in the deck structure.

3. All old style “filament” lamps on the mast are replaced with LED ones.

4. Two robust foot switches (for UP and DOWN) are added for controlling the anchor windlass, sending the (always damaged) classic remote control with a connecting cable, to storage, as back-up!

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