February 8, 2022

“SeaStar trimming” raises the standards.

For every new yacht in the fleet, SeaStar encourages the implementation of a set of modifications that fortify and enhance the yacht, which is called “SeaStar trimming”. “SeaStar trimming” is all about safety, functionality and ease of use. It is a fundamental step in a series of actions, which aim to ensure “M...

March 16, 2021

Coast to Coast final rig trimming

Having completed the initial installation of the mast and the rigging while on the land, a second round of rig trimming takes place, while the yacht is in the water.More equipment will now be installed before the yacht is taken for its first sea trials.

March 5, 2021

BLU meets seawater

Having completed the installation of its basic equipment on the land, BLU is being lauched to the sea, at the facilities of Olympic Marine, in Lavrion.A beautiful yacht is entrusted to the arms of Poseidon.

March 4, 2021

R2D2 is taking a hike to the dock

R2D2 is being hoisted by a big travel lift, after having received its mast, its rigging, its Autoprop feathering propeller and all its basic equipment, to be transported to the dock area and be launched to the sea for the first time.The short final trip before it starts its life in the sea is now starting.

February 5, 2021

The 3 new Dufour 390 have arrived at Olympic Marine in Lavrion

With a time difference of one week from each other, the three sister yachts R2D2, BLU and COAST to COAST have arrived at the land area of Olympic Marine. The protective plastic cover will be removed, the accessories will be unpacked and equipment installation will start. Stanchions and railings first, anchor chain in its...