Bareboat Charter

is just what an experienced sailor needs, if, above all, he values his privacy.

Planning your route greatly depends on your preferences and your life style. Greece is full of choices. Location choices (thousands of islands, sandy or pebble beaches, old harbors, quaint ports, fishing villages, beautiful uninhabited coves). Sightseeing choices (ancient temples, stadiums and theaters, museums, byzantine temples and monasteries, unspoiled places of scenic beauty), easily accessible from the sea. Local cuisine with culinary choices (both in raw materials and in recipes). Wide selection of locally produced alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (wine, beer, ouzo, tsipouro, masticha, orangeade, lemonade, sour cherry juice). Choices in water sport activities (swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, wind-surfing, paddling). You can plan ahead of your departure date, but you can always change your mind…at any stage of your trip!

The lack of significant tide activity in Greece, the proximity of the mooring spots and the mild weather phenomena make Bareboat charter a safe choice for an experienced sailor.

A good quality, well maintained and well equipped yacht forms the basis for your holiday. It will safely move you from one place to another, you will be sleeping in it, you will be eating and drinking in it and use it as a sea platform for your entertainment.

Pricing depends on the type and size of a yacht and the time of the year.

At the moment, we serve two sailing areas in Greece – the Saronic gulf, and the Cyclades. Select your favourite sailing area and choose one of our yachts from our local base.

List of  yachts in Alimos Marina (for the Saronic)

List of  yachts in Olympic Marina – Lavrion (for the Cyclades)

Our co-operation with many brokers all over the world make it easy for you to book one of our yachts in your country of residence and in most cases, in your native language.

Select your sailing area, select one or more of our yachts, contact an broker of your choice for a quotation and let us be your hosts for this season