Crewed Private

Chartering a crewed yacht

A good skipper with all his knowledge of the local environment (waters, ports, places of interest, taverns, etc) can provide an invaluable service to any sailor, however experienced one might be and allow one to concentrate on enjoying the vacation rather that going up a learning curve of all things local.

Skippers are freelancers who charge the client directly (currently, the fee of 200 Euro per day, plus food). The Skippers that we propose are people that we have known for sometime in the local nautical community. We know a lot who can command a yacht, but we propose a few, based on specific aspects of their character like politeness, sense of privacy, sense of humor, ability to communicate and ability to manage unexpected problems (not necessarily technical). They all speak English, but their ability to speak other European languages is also evaluated.

A hostess can make the difference when it comes to keeping the yacht tidy, cooking some meals when you opt to stay onboard, preparing refreshments and drinks, helping the skipper in mooring the yacht inside busy harbors. She can also be handy for providing assistance with the local environment (stores, pharmacies, doctors, etc). She will simply bring the experience of your private vacation to another level.

Hostesses/Hosts are freelancers who charge the client directly (currently, the fee of 170 Euro per day, plus food). We shall only propose persons that we have either used before or have strong recommendations from Skippers who have served with them before. The same character qualifications, as for a Skipper, play a very important role in our selection, with the addition of cleanliness and tidiness.

Every member of the crew is preferable to sleep in a cabin and this is why some yachts with special crew cabins can be more suitable than others. show yacht layouts

A good quality, well maintained and well equipped yacht forms the basis for your holiday. It will safely move you from one place to another, you will be sleeping in it, you will be eating and drinking in it and use it as a sea platform for your entertainment.

A crewed yacht charter is suitable for all age groups and all types of parties (families, groups of friends, groups of common interests, corporate, etc).

Pricing depends on the type and size of a yacht and the time of the year.

At the moment, we serve two sailing areas in Greece – the Saronic gulf, and the Cyclades. Select your favourite sailing area and choose one of our yachts from our local base.

List of  yachts in Alimos Marina (for the Saronic)

List of  yachts in Olympic Marina – Lavrion (for the Cyclades)

Our co-operation with many brokers all over the world make it easy for you to book one of our yachts in your country of residence and in most cases, in your native language.

Select your sailing area, select one or more of our yachts, contact a broker of your choice for a quotation and let us be your hosts for this season