Engines, propellers and cutters

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All our yachts have been ordered with a higher power engine, offered as an option by the shipyard. We believe that there will always be weather conditions in which a yacht can benefit from the extra power available. In such cases, extra power equals to extra safety and the extra acquisition cost involved for the bigger engine, becomes a detail.

More power is one parameter, delivering it, is another. Therefore, we have installed on almost all of the yachts in our fleet the Autoprop feathering propeller. Please visit the manufacturer’s website www.bruntonspropellers.com/autoprop to get to know the many benefits from this unique piece of equipment and also watch the following impressive video www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pkrxZwI2_Y for a better understanding of how it works.

Finally, to protect the saildrives of our yachts from floating ropes and nylon fishing lines, which could get entangled and spoil your holiday, we have also installed on almost every yacht in our fleet a heavy duty cutter (see it installed between the prop and the saildrive in the picture) which will keep you away from trouble (and unnecessary costs).