Frequently asked questions

1. The cabins have a double bed. Can I book a cabin just for myself ?
You certainly can and we provide a slight reduction in price for single person occupancy of a double cabin.
2. Who decides the itinerary of each trip ?
The Skipper will inform the guests of the prevailing weather conditions, explain the possibility for various activities, ask each guest for her/his preferences and then he will decide on an itinerary that will primarily be safe and comfortable and also in line with the wishes of the guests.
3. Is participation in the various activities compulsory ?
No it isn’t. There is no charge for participating and no rebate for not participating.
4. What bed linen and towels are included in the price ?
For every cabin, a tailor-made sanitary cover for the mattress, one double sheet over the sanitary cover. For every person, one single sheet, one single blanket, one pillowcase, one seaside towel, one big and one small towel.
5. Are other drinks included in the price and provided on board ?
Soft drinks are included and provided at an unlimited quantity for consumption on board. A half bottle of wine per person is also provided at lunch time. You are also welcome to bring your own choice of drinks and store two small bottles or one big bottle per person at any time in the boat’s fridge, provided that each bottle is labeled with your name on it.
6. When is alcohol drinking not allowed on board ?
Alcoholic drinking is not allowed to anyone wishing to participate in the yacht’s handling, for two hours prior and during this activity. Please make sure that you consume alcohol only to the point that you can remain sociable.
7. Are drugs allowed on board ?
Possession and use of drugs is not allowed in all territories of Greece, including the sea. Therefore you are kindly requested to comply and abstain from holding and using drugs on board.
8. Can I bring my medication on board ?
You can bring any medicine that is freely sold in Greek pharmacies and all other medical supplies that you have obtained with a prescription from your doctor.
9. How many showers can I have per day ?
Water supply is limited on every yacht due to the limited space. The actual cost of the water is insignificant, but the time required for refills can be substantial and can interfere with the yacht’s schedule. Your effort to control consumption of water (not necessarily the number of showers) will be appreciated by your fellow travellers. Your skipper can provide useful tips.
10. How do I charge my electronic devices ?
Most phones can connect through USB ports to the yacht’s 12V supply for recharging at all times. For other devices like computers and cameras that use 220V chargers, a low watt inverter is available for charging while the boat is travelling. Additionally 220V charging is available when the yacht is connected to the shore power.
11. Is internet available on board ?
Yes, it is.
12. Are there flippers and snorkels on board for guest use?
Yes, one pair of flippers (right size), mask and snorkel for every passenger .
13. Can I leave the boat and rejoin before the end of the trip ?
Yes, if you make your departure and arrival points known, well in advance and prior to departure. The yacht documents include a passenger list depicting the people on board at any time, which is endorsed by the Coastguard before departure.
14. Can I cook on board ?
There are excellent cooking facilities on board. Out of respect to other passengers cleaning must follow immediately after use, if there is no Hostess on board.

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