Dufour 360

Dufour 360

Dufour 360 Grand Large

Efficient and spacious hull

The hull of the Dufour 360 Grand Large has been designed to provide the best balance between  sailing sensations and space onboard, both on and below deck.The optimization of the rudder, the wide aft beam and the long shines ensure great stability on all routes.

A new roof design

The Dufour 360 Grand Large is the first model of the range fitted with the Grand large 3.00 roof design.

Inspired by the standards of larger models, this new deck provides new innovative features:

  • a new deck panel optimizing natural light in the owner’s cabin
  • a spay hood insert for more practicality and refinement
  • a full halyard cover to keep a flush and clean deck

In addition, the aft of the cockpit has been closed to enhance security while sailing and comfort at anchor, in line with the philosophy of the Dufour Grand Large range.

Optimization of the helm station

The helm station has been completely redesigned to optimize the helmsman’s environment.
The new columns and their consoles, as well as the ideal position of the rear winches, increase the circulation space and facilitate maneuvers while short handed.The Dufour 360 Grand Large also removes the traditional companion way door, replaced by an elegant swing door perfectly integrated into the roof design.

A new spacious and functional cockpit

Included and well appreciated over of the full range, the Dufour 360 Grand Large also features the essential outside galley equipped with barbecue and a sink concealed by the rear seats.You will notice the very large bathing platform offering twice the volume of its predecessor.

A new interior design

The Dufour 360 Grand Large is equipped with all the new features and improvements:

  • Available in 3 different wood types (Moabi, Oak and Teak)
  • Luxury oak parquet flooring
  • New Grey Soft Touch interior side panels
  • New saloon table