The International Charter Expo ( ICE ), which took place in Zagreb in November 2017, is a very special event for the “insiders” of the Yacht Charter business. With Fleet Operators and Yacht suppliers as exhibitors, it had only a few hundred visitors !

A few hundred of the most important Brokers, coming from 43 countries in the world…


SeaStar Sailing participated for the first time, with a stand that was decorated so as to deliver only TWO messages :

  • The first message was a big “thank you” to the 17 Brokers who provided the client contracts for the 2017 season.
  • The second message contained references from the very positive experience of some of these clients, as they expressed it themselves on “facebook”.


As a result, SeaStar Sailing attracted the interest of some of the biggest European Brokers who can prove to be very helpful to its future growth and expansion in 2018.